Mares, the new Avanti HC and HC Pro

The evolution of a continuous success.

The channel effect technology, perfected with Superchannel fins, today finds its maximum expression with the introduction of the Avanti HC and Avanti HC Pro.

In these fins the same materials as the Superchannels are used, which offer great comfort and superior performance, together with an exceptional resistance to aging.

The channel effect on the Avanti HC and HC Pro is further enhanced, thanks to a new shape of the blade, which has two soft and slightly longer lateral channels, which allow, during finning, a “spoon” deformation of the blade itself, with a consequent greater push, but with less effort.

This excellent thrust / effort ratio is further enhanced by the unique design of the blade, which is equipped with a central rib in the back, with a particular structure that optimizes the OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade), contributing to the optimal deformation of the blade during kicking.

In the HC Pro model the central rib and the upper part of the blade are over-molded with a special rubber, which fills the spaces of the rib “teeth” and, in addition to giving a unique aesthetic, allows better accumulation of energy during the stride downwards, energy that is then returned to the upward stride, further improving the performance of the fin.

The shoe of the Avanti HC and HC Pro models is the most appreciated of the Superchannel and Wave fins, but has a very important innovation: the side ribs have rubber inserts, which offer absolutely superior comfort, thanks to the greater softness of the material.

What to say, then? With the Avanti HC and HC Pro fins you will have great performance, minimum effort and absolutely superior comfort!

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