DIGI 2, the digital pressure gauge by Cressi

At the last DEMA 2018 in Las Vegas Cressi presented a very interesting product, it is the digital DIGI 2 pressure gauge. This way it seems only the modern version of the old analog instrument, but I can assure you that its features will be appreciated also by the most intransigent “old school” divers, as well as the underwater geeks. Then, to each his own way to go underwater.

We put the trust of one of the most important data referring to our safety, if not the most important, the air pressure of the tank, to an extremely simple and imprecise instrument, the analogic manometer, a copper spiral through which a hole detects the pressure and shows the reading in a sphere by the moving of a needle. With DIGI 2 Cressi proposes a high precision instrument that also provides other data of constant interest to the diver.

This is what Cressi states by presenting its new product. We can certainly agree, albeit with due caution.

Skepticism perhaps derives from personal diving training, at the time when we still dived with the U.S. Navy tables.

Fortunately things go on and, with the times and the experience, even technology and security have made giant strides; if we think that there are still divers who reluctantly look at the use of BCD, compared to the old plastic bag (do not laugh, I have known about it and are still circulating around the seas at various latitudes), we should certainly not be surprised if someone it can still turn up its nose relying on an electronic circuit to monitor a fundamental parameter such as the pressure in the cylinder.

Could it be for this reason that the dive computer probes (in addition to the cost, which is not always really affordable) have not had that expected success?

Yet which of us goes more underwater with a decompression table? And surely we all rely on the computer to know depth, RBT, decompression profile, etc. So why not also rely on modern technology to know how much we have consumed and how much gas-mix we still have?

I must say right away that I prefer an essential configuration, following a scrupulous maintenance of everything I carry in the water and, dedicating myself for years to technical diving, the redundancy factor is a fundamental element.

Looking at the DIGI 2 I take a breath of relief: in a single instrument, a little bigger than a traditional pressure gauge, I can have with me a reliable pressure gauge, a depth gauge and the indication in minutes (precious, if the elbow with the “Martini”) of the gas supply. Combined with our dive computer, I would say that we can rest assured with redundancy, at least for the control instruments.

For the moment I can only give you the indications and the technical sheet of the producer, as soon as I will have a copy available for a nice field test, I will let you know with a detailed review.

DIGI 2 will be available in various colors, starting in May 2019.

Ah, I forgot, everything was designed and produced in Italy by Cressi Elettronica.

For more information: www.cressi.com



  • Custodia in ABS resistente agli urti con copertura in gomma termoplastica.
  • Housing in ABS anti-shock with thermoplastic rubber case that integrates fixing ring
  • 45 x 27 mm rectangular phosphorescent screen with Bumpon anti-shock and anti-scratch protector
  • Large digits (10 x 5 mm the main data) with rooms separated by distribution lines
  • Post-production battery saving system, using a magnet. The intelligent box (patented) can be used to maintain the DIGI 2 in latent energy saving mode and perform tasks such as changing units of measurement
  • Replacing the battery by the user without the need for tools. After the battery change, DIGI 2 performs a self-test of pressurization (patented) to make sure that it has been done correctly. Battery cover specifically designed to avoid incidents, with two clips and with easily replaceable parts (O-ring)
  • Completely modular manufacturing that allows easy reparation when the time comes
  • Automatic turn on when detecting pressure

Technical Data:

  • Automatic switching with the connection to the cylinder
  • Very high contrast display
  • Indication depth 0-120 meters
  • Cylinder pressure indication 0-300 bar
  • Water temperature indication -10 / + 50 ° C
  • Autonomy indication of residual gas in minutes
  • Gas reserve indication below 50 bar
  • Maximum depth of the last dive
  • Battery life up to 1000 hours underwater
  • Low battery indication
  • Self-diagnosis of battery change (patented)
  • Dedicated Smartbox that allows you to interact (patented)
  • Protective silicone shell replaceable by the user
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 5.2 x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 122 gr


If you have tried this product, send us your opinion, we will be happy to publish it.

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