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Regulators, Technical Report 2019

We have decided to publish an evaluation of the diving regulators available on the market in 2019. The following tables have been drawn up on the basis of our exclusive technical evaluation, in full...

Flash Offer – Dry zipper

With this new offer we introduce a campaign of “FLASH OFFERS” of a limited duration (maximum 15 days) that we wish to offer to our customers and all diving enthusiasts.


Dive computers. DIY battery change.

Many dive computer manufacturers offer models where the battery change is user-friendly. Even if the operation is apparently within the reach of any average user, we do not recommend “do it yourself”. Let’s see...

End of Summer Offer 2019

We introduce our NEW OFFER for the End of Summer 2019. Don’t miss the chance to save money!

Special Offer Dry Suits Summer 2019

Summer is the season of scuba diving, a relaxing break between the past winter and the cold season that will come in a few months. Unfortunately summer always ends too soon, and when we...


Regulators, when the brand makes the difference

There are regulators we like because they have an attractive design or because we have seen them used by some technical divers we appreciate. Often, more simply, because a friend told us about it...


Regulators, rinsing is not enough

They taught us this in the Open Water course and we, as followers of a Truth-holding sect (that of diving instructors), hand down this dogma by instilling it into the consciousness of our students:...


Mares, the new Avanti HC and HC Pro

The evolution of a continuous success. The channel effect technology, perfected with Superchannel fins, today finds its maximum expression with the introduction of the Avanti HC and Avanti HC Pro.