Special Offer Dry Suits Summer 2019

Summer is the season of scuba diving, a relaxing break between the past winter and the cold season that will come in a few months.

Unfortunately summer always ends too soon, and when we reopen the closet of our winter diving equipment, we often find ourselves dealing with the reality of “then I’ll do it, now I don’t need it “. I am referring to assistance on our dry suit, which perhaps at the end of the cold season already needed a change of neck or cuffs or a repair intervention that we had planned. And now what to do?

We are all together to crowd the assistance laboratories, with the inevitable result of long waits that are resolved in the weekend of early winter protected (so to speak) still from the summer wetsuits.

To solve this problem, at Amphibica we have launched a promotional campaign on assistance, precisely in this summer period: if you book your repair by the end of this month (July 2019) you can take advantage of a 15% discount on any type of processing for your dry suits. Why not take advantage of it?
Contact us for more information. info@amphibica.com


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